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Poor Trading Experience From 24option

Poor Trading Experience From 24option

By on Sep 21, 2016 in Poor Trading |


It’s always, and I mean always, advisable to check internet for a lot of information about a binary trading site or software before jumping into it. This can prevent a lot of problems involving you money or some similar problems. So searching for different reviews and forum threads about a site is always a good thing.

This time I went on the internet crusade against 24option. Doing things like this is important, because some sites may be legit but they also can have long withdrawal times or issues connected with it, or bad support that doesn’t do anything and similar things.

You should not trust all comments you read, they may be fabricated, but if there are a lot of negative or positive comments about a certain site you should not ignore them. As I already said 24option will be my target for today, so let us see what kind of experience people had while trading with 24option.

Account loss

One of the complains from  a person from Germany was that the software that 24option provide, German Binary Robot caused a loss to his account. First this person used this robot in his trading, but after terrible experience with this robot, only 1 in 3 trades ration won he decided to deactivate this robot. To his surprise the robot at one point activated itself and placed few trades for him, that would result in further loss. So he decided to contact support from 24option to sort that out, to cancel trades and to deactivate that robot. After long chat where he argued with support while they avoided answering his questions directly, those trades ended, one won and other was a loss which resulted in losing money. Support only tossed him from Robot to 24option and vice versa.

No withdrawal

Another experience has nothing to do with “third” party software. Sam requested withdrawal of his money from the 24option but he was told that he needed to contact someone from 24option before that withdrawal can go through. After this he was contacted by a person known as Jerry Gallo who convinced Sam to place all of his money to few trades and he did. The luck was on his side and he ended in money without losing too much. After that Jerry asked his password in order to go through with the withdrawal. Jerry also stated that he must withdraw at least 200 dollars and that the process would last for 48 hours.

Sam did that and after 48 hours he checked his account and realized that is not transfered yet. So he went on 24option to check what was the issue, and he found out. Just under an hour after his last conversation with Jerry, the trade with all of the 200 dollars was set and it was a loss. Angry Sam went to support because he didn’t approve that trade. He was promised that money, few times in fact, by the support  buthe never received it.

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